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Code of Ethics

Section 1. To govern ourselves strictly in accordance with the “STATEMENT OF PRINCIPLES ON RESPECTIVE RIGHTS AND DUTIES OF LAWYERS, INSURANCE COMPANIES AND ADJUSTERS RELATING TO THE BUSINESS OF ADJUSTING INSURANCE CLAIMS” as adopted and amended by National Conference of Lawyers, insurance Companies and Adjusters and to require compliance therewith.

Section 2. Members shall not accept gratuities from claimants or participate in the charges of experts, salvage buyers, or repairmen, nor shall they acquire any interest in the property salvaged, except by permission of the insurer involved.

Section 3. To cooperate fully with the South Carolina Insurance department, State and Local bar and Medical Associations in an effort to protect the insurance buying public and insurance companies from increased cost due to false, fraudulent or non-meritorious claims.

Section 4. No individual shall represent more than one of the principle parties of the controversy.

Section 5. To approach the investigation of claims without prejudice or bias, and to make truthful and unbiased reports and representations of facts as we find them to be.

Section 6. To conduct ourselves and our profression so as to inspire public confidence and the proper regards for the profession of claims adjusters by fair and honorable dealings with the public and our fellow claims associates.